Food4BrainTrain Platform


The Food for Brain Train platform is aimed to offer an easy way to provide online training for entrepreneurs in the food industry and to develop users’ communities. It is structured as a learning path simulating the chronology of the real entrepreneurial pathway, where the user’s theoretical knowledge and practical abilities are built-up and tested. Along the way, digital learning materials are made available to all users, separated into different modules and placed conveniently on the site’s menu. At the end of each module, users must take a test based on the learning materials.

Tutorial video

For Trainers

For Learners

The practical abilities are tested in a play-pretend choices-based game including multiple-choice questions that have drawn influence from real-life situations, where each player is assumed to have passed the theoretical part of the experience before starting the game. The platform also introduces a competitive element through a reward system and a leaderboard. Users will be awarded points for completing tests and different parts of the game and will compete with others for badges. Ultimately, users that have collected all badges will receive a certificate.